Youtube video: Northern Pike Fishing


Video Transcript

Wildewood Guest:  It’s a nice Northern.

 Gary Pullen, Wildewood Guest:  The biggest freshwater fish I’ve ever seen in my life, I saw in this lake. It was a Northern. There’s no doubt in my mind it was a world record fish. The head on that fish was — and I’ve told so many people this — was probably 12 inches wide. It had a hold of my walleye. It was a four-pound walleye, and it was very capable of swallowing that fish easily.

 Matt Neufeld:  Along with walleye and lake trout, we have a great population of northern, with big, healthy fish. If you’re really targeting big northerns, a technique that we use here is trolling down deep for them, or you can cast the shore lines with spinners. A great possibility for catching a trophy pike is when you are lake trout fishing. They tend to feed on the same bait fish that the lakers do. You have great potential of hooking into a very large northern while lake trout fishing.