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Looking for a taxidermist for that special trophy? Guests at Wildewood have been satisfied through the years at Hawkins. It’s easy…you can drop off your trophy at local Ontario bait shops on your way home from camp. They’ll ship it direct to your home. Better yet, choose a replica. www.mytaxidermy.com


Not interested in having taxidermy work done in Canada? Take a look at Todd Buchanan’s (guest of Wildewood) site. All work done in the USA. www.buckspromounttaxidermy.com


Love the motors we use at Wildewood? Pinewood Sports and Marine is the place to go for Honda motors, boats, 4-wheelers, snow machines, and more. We appreciate the way they stand behind their products with us, and yes, they will deliver to you in the US. Check out their great pricing!


Inspired by Wildewood at Lake Savant, the new Savant Spoon is now available online at www.savantspoon.com. Catch lake trout, pike, salmon, etc. Tom Manning, president and owner of Savant Spoon has been a long-time guest of Wildewood.

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