Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable unless we are able to rebook a cancelled reservation at a value equal to or greater than that of the original reservation. Ex.) You have Cabin 1 booked for 8 people from June 2-9 and then cancel the reservation. We will refund your deposit if we rebook that same week and cabin with the same number of people. (Partial refunds may be granted at our discretion.)
  • If you move your reservation to a later date within the same season, we will transfer your deposit over to the later reservation, pending availability.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended, as it can cover the loss of your deposit for a covered incident. It is also very important should you have a medical event or injury while staying at our remote location. 
  • No refunds on early departures.
  • Arrival time at our pick-up parking lot must be pre-arranged prior to your arrival.
  • Make deposit checks payable to Wildewood on Lake Savant.
    • Mail to: 5939 Fishtrap Resort Lane, Boulder Junction, WI 54512 USA
  • Payment methods listed in order of preference: cash, check, debit, or credit card only are accepted for balance due. Personal checks are accepted for deposits. Credit cards may be used for deposits on last minute reservations only. A credit card convenience fee of 3.75% will be applied to any credit card payments.