Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Fishing & Hunting at Wildewood Resort. Please click on the question for more information.

Returning to the United States: http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/vacation/

Make deposit checks payable to:
“Wildewood on Lake Savant” and mail to:

5939 Fishtrap Resort Lane
Boulder Junction, WI 54512

Cash, credit cards or travelers checks are accepted for balance due. Personal checks and credit cards accepted for deposits. Please note there is a 3.75% fee on all credit card transactions.

Your reservation is not confirmed until we have received your deposit.

No. Our rates include transportation in and out of Wildewood Lodge in our custom-built Ford Econoline F350 van or 6 seat Side by Side. This feature allows you to see the wilderness but more importantly, you save money and you need not rely on the weather. You can arrive and depart regardless of the weather.

Visit our Fishing page page for answers to this and many more trip planning questions.

Give yourself five hours. It may take a little less, a little more.

No. No biological bait no matter the condition (frozen, salted, etc.) is allowed across the border from the U.S. into Canada. If it was ever alive, don’t attempt to bring it across the border.

Live bait can be purchased at a bait shop in Ontario, within Fisheries Zone 4, or pre-ordered at least one week in advance from Wildewood.

All guests who will be operating the boat and motor will be required to read and check off a boaters safety list that will make them liable for all damages to the motor, boat and prop. Boaters will also need to have a security authorization on their credit card to pay for any damage. PLEASE BOAT RESPONSIBLY!

In Sioux Lookout, the all-new Johnny’s Supermarket is your best bet. It’s a full-service grocery store with fresh meats, vegetables, bakery, and just about anything you would need. In Dryden and Thunder Bay there are several grocery stores. In Ignace, there is a small IGA. 

No. Wildewood is an outpost camp. However, we do stock some items we find guests need most often (i.e. milk, butter, bread, charcoal, soda, etc.) We usually go to “town” once a week.

There is air ambulance service for the area. We can also arrange for you to fly out early.

Because of our location, the camp does not have regular phone service. You can enable Wi-Fi calling on your cell phone and make calls using our Starlink internet service for free. If you are unable to do so, let us know and we can let you make a brief call on our radio phone.  Note: mobile phones do not work in our area without access to Wi-Fi. The last cell phone service you will have while traveling to Wildewood is in Ignace or Sioux Lookout. Satellite phones will work, if you’d like to bring one.

If you are looking to be able to communicate while on the water there are a few options. You can rent a satellite phone before leaving home to bring with you. There are also companies like Garmin, Spot, and Delorme that make satellite messaging devices. 

They can call during the summer months to: 1(715) 892-1985 or our secondary number 1(807) 584-2999 and leave a message and we’ll leave it on your cabin door.

We are in the forest/bush; hence there are bugs. Mostly you will have mosquitoes at dusk (black flies as spring turns to summer and deer/horse flies in summer months). Bring repellant and mosquito coils and you will be okay.

Our weather is pretty much the same as it is in the northern part of the U.S. You should always bring rain gear and warm clothes, just in case. Layers work best. You may leave in the morning hours when it’s cooler, then as the day gets warmer, you may work your way down to a T-shirt. Sunscreen is a great idea also. Check the current weather report for Lake Savant.