Guys’ Getaway at Wildewood on Lake Savant

Lake Savant is the perfect location for a group of men and/or boys to get away and enjoy fantastic fishing.

Guys’ Getaway at Wildewood on Lake Savant

Canada fishing lodges are a great place for men to unplug and refresh.

Getting away from the stresses and demands of daily living is vital for a man’s mental health. A nonprofit organization called Rivers of Recovery conducted a study in 2009 chronicled the effects fishing had on 69 combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of the participants also suffered from brain trauma, depression, and other psychological problems. During the experiment, the veterans went on a two-day fly-fishing retreat. After fishing, the veterans exhibited substantial decreases in negative feelings such as guilt, hostility, sadness, and fear. The findings also showed that fishing helped increase levels of jovialness, self-assuredness, and serenity. Imagine what such excursions can do for those of us dealing with normal stressors!

“As usual, thank you for our wonderful stay. Each of us desperately looks forward to being there as it allows us to gear down our busy lives. Everything was in working order as usual, no problems with boats or cabins. The only thing we missed was more of your company.”

Baldwin group from PA

Fishing at a Canadian fishing lodge flexes our primal survival skills, among other things.

Fishing is one of the earliest ways a man provided for himself and his family. It’s democratic, meaning anyone (athletic or not, old or young, rich or poor) can figure it out. It doesn’t require fancy gear, although that is available. As avid angler President Herbert Hoover put it, “All men are equal before fish.”

When guys get out on the water and ply their angling skills it can get quite exciting when a bite hits. Plus, there’s an indescribable feeling when you land a huge trophy fish that weighs 30-40 lbs!

Guys’ Getaway at Wildewood on Lake Savant

Not to mention, it also teaches other valuable skills that translate into everyday living, largely in the form of confidence and resourcefulness:

  • Reading maps
  • Baiting hooks
  • Tying knots
  • Exercising patience
  • Navigating water
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Learning how to think on the fly
  • Etc.

Fishing provides us with an overall sense of pride and manliness. That feeling of masculinity is powerful and rejuvenating. Fishing is man versus nature, armed only with a pole, a beer, and some sunscreen.

So, if you want to gather your guys and get away for days of fishing adventure, click the button below to get started.

Fishing cements friendships.

Fishing gives men the space to bond and cement their friendships. Conversations may or may not go deep, but the camaraderie out on the water is palpable.

“Oh Canada, Wildewood, one of those places you can go with a group of guys, put four boats in the water end to end and catch walleye all day long! From our group (Bob, Mark, Scott, Kevin, Paul Sr., Paul Jr., Rick, and Chad) you could hear us yelling out the good ‘ol phrases of “Got one,” “Fish on,” “Here’s a trophy,” “Look at this one,” and “Man, that’s a nice fish!” We thank you for all the fish lunches we were able to have and the chance to see all the unbelievable scenery each one of us will not forget for a long time.”

Kevin Marti, Sheboygan Falls, WI

Fishing transcends generations.

Fishing has been passed down through the centuries from father to son to grandson. It ties young boys to the men in their lives and allows for time away from distractions. The sole focus on fishing gives purpose to that time, but it’s more than just fishing.

It’s about making memories:

“Just wanted to take the time to say that we had a great time at your camp (as always). I have had to travel a lot this year and wanted to do something special with my son. The memories that I have of past trips to Wildewood have always been the best. My last trip to camp was with my father prior to his death and therefore will always be some of the best memories for me with him. The boys had a great time. They got lots of big fish and explored the Canada area. By the way, wanted to mention that I thought Neil was a nice addition to your staff. He is a hard worker and a real friendly guy that people enjoy.”

Rodney, Eagle River, WI

“A big THANKS for your hard work in making sure everyone has a great time. My and my son’s first trip to Canada was fantastic. Even with a rough start on our part, you took to our challenge and kept us fishing. We came up with a group of 17, thinking this was not a good fishing year. If that’s true, then I believe I would have been overwhelmed with good fishing. No matter what we did/did not do, we caught fish…a lot of them. Walleyes 80+, northern we stopped counting, and I even caught a nice 13lb. lake trout on 6lb. test line.

Thank you for the life-long memories I will have of spending quality time with my son.”

Don and Chris Babbitt, Lebanon, W

You may need to recover from your guy’s fishing retreat at Lake Savant.

Fishing can be intense up here. The fishery is well-managed and remote. Canada’s conservation efforts have protected our resources. You may find yourself beat up a little bit from the fishing on this lake because there’s plenty of fish and they are not shy.

“It was a fabulous trip. The cuts on my hands from walleye spines, opercular covers, etc. haven’t healed completely yet, my gear isn’t completely dry and I still have that numb, glaze-eyed buzzy feeling that comes with pounding against wind, rain, and big water and going on about 3 hours of sleep a night for a week.

My wife thinks I’m nuts for enjoying that sort of experience, but I wouldn’t trade one cut, bug bite, rain-soaked sandwich, or frosty boat seat for any other vacation trip I can imagine.

You have a well-oiled operation on a lake, which is a true gift from God and supports an outstanding fishery. I’m thoroughly spent, but well spent, and looking forward to the next opportunity to do it all again.

Thanks for the wonderful experience, I’ll definitely be back. And it looks like I’ll be leading some new folks to your ‘still waters’ too. More fishing nuts looking for times ‘when the fishing is good and the company is fun’.”

Mike Coshun, Fisheries Biologist, Woodruff WI

Choosing the right Canada fishing lodge isn’t hard when it comes to Lake Savant


There are only two fishing lodges on Lake Savant in Ontario, Canada and they are 18 miles apart. There’s no public access to the 25-mile-long lake. With depths of up to 200 feet, 409 miles of shoreline, hundreds of islands and sheltered bays, there’s plenty of fishing to be had. This lake contains trophy fish of all varieties.

Contact us to plan your memorable guys’ fishing getaway at Wildewood on Lake Savant. We are one of the best Canadian fishing lodges around and are eager to share our pristine waters with you.