Guest Reviews

Brian Weir

My trip to Wildewood  was awesome.  From the ride in on the ATVs to the great cottage and fishing.  The Pickerel fish fry was delicious and the hospitality was outstanding.  Everything about the place is first rate.  The lake is outstanding, so peaceful and serene.  Truly a wonder to experience such a treasure of nature’s finest gifts.  I felt so at home there. Todd, Lori and Andy treated us like family.  I look forward to my next adventure at Wildewood.  The highlight of my summer.  Many thanks for sharing your passion. Brian

Debbie Hansen

June 2019, Had a great time at this “Fishing Resort”. I truly mean resort, beautiful grounds beautiful owners and staff. It was a great pleasure being at Wildewood. The fishing was awesome, it was like back in the day where the fish were bigger than you wanted or could eat. Had no problem getting our limit. If you are a dog lover you will be amazed at watching their dogs. My family will be back! Highly recommend.

Tracy, Worthington, OH

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we made it back to Columbus (where it is 90 degrees!) safely. We had a successful trip in spite of the weather. It was a real pleasure to stay at your camp again this year after a two-year absence. I am already looking forward to my return to Wildewood. Thank you for your hospitality.

Wayne and Reggie, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for looking after us so well. You truly spoiled us and made our departure a little more difficult than usual. Reg and I both felt like we had gained new friends. Y’all certainly made the extra effort to make us at home.

Gary, Kaukauna, WI

Writing to let you know that we had a safe and good trip home. Really enjoyed our time together sitting around the table talking. As I told you last week, you are one of the reasons we keep coming back each year. You have always treated us kindly and have more than provided the services to make our vacation enjoyable and stressfree. You are truly a special person in the world of business.

Baldwin group from PA

As usual, thank you for our wonderful stay. Each of us desperately looks forward to being there as it allows us to gear down our busy lives. Everything was in working order as usual, no problems with boats or cabins. The only thing we missed was more of your company.

Rodney, Eagle River, WI

Just wanted to take the time to say that we had a great time at your camp (as always). I have had to travel a lot this year and wanted to do something special with my son. The memories that I have of past trips to Wildewood have always been the best. My last trip to camp was with my father prior to his death and therefore will always be some of the best memories for me with him. The boys had a great time. They got lots of big fish and explored the Canada area. By the way, wanted to mention that I thought Neil was a nice addition to your staff. He is a hard worker and a real friendly guy that people enjoy.

Mike Whitley, Huntington, W.Va.

Just to let you know we arrived safely back in Ohio from last week’s trip. Wanted to let you know we had a fantastic trip. Good company, good facilities and great fishing. We had a lot of people checking the website to see how we did. If you ever need a reference be sure to add my name to your list.

Kohnke group, NJ & IL

Everyone is very excited to visit next year. I look forward to every Wednesday to get that fishing update to see what I am missing. Thanks for making our previous three visits very special and we look forward to many more years of spectacular fishing, scenery and company.

John and Lynda, Rolla, MO

A BIG THANK YOU! We enjoyed your great place July 6-13. What a great time we had! Lynda never caught so many and such big fish in her life. Your place is a dream, just perfect just the way you’ve made it–don’t change anything!

Kevin Marti, Sheboygan Falls, WI

Oh Canada, Wildewood, one of those places you can go with a group of guys, put four boats in the water end to end and catch walleye all day long! From our group (Bob, Mark, Scott, Kevin, Paul Sr., Paul Jr., Rick, and Chad) you could hear us yelling out the good ‘ol phrases of “Got one,” “Fish on,” “Here’s a trophy,” “Look at this one,” and “Man, that’s a nice fish!” We thank you for all the fish lunches we were able to have and the chance to see all the unbelievable scenery each one of us will not forget for a long time.

JD Hartshorn & Todd Buchanan, Indiana

Neil is an awesome guide and a great guy! He really helped us find fish on our own, and we were beginners to walleye fishing. Had a great time and caught lots of fish. Thanks for the good time and great memories. I will be sending some pictures of the fish caught and also some of our shore lunch with Neil. Hope I can make it back up there next year. Thanks!

Gary, Dunlap, IL

Thanks for a good trip. All of us caught plenty of larger (20 to 25″) walleye and over the week each averaged about 30 to 40 nice fish per day. I caught two 24″, one 25″, one 26″ and a 28″ walleye in about an hour by myself. That does not include lots of “eaters” also. Doc was with me and also had a good evening but refused to fish with me the rest of the week! That single evening was my personal best ever in 22 trips over the border. Thanks again. Hope to see you again. Have a good year and be safe.

Don and Chris Babbitt, Lebanon, WI

A big THANKS for your hard work in making sure everyone has a great time. My and my son’s first trip to Canada was fantastic. Even with a rough start on our part, you took to our challenge and kept us fishing. We came up with a group of 17, thinking this was not a good fishing year. If that’s true, then I believe I would have been overwhelmed with good fishing. No matter what we did/did not do, we caught fish…a lot of them. Walleyes 80+, northern we stopped counting, and I even caught a nice 13lb. lake trout on 6lb. test line. Thank you for the life-long memories I will have of spending quality time with my son.

Jerry, Sheboygan Falls, WI

Just a note of personal thanks for the delicious birthday cake…Rob will be picking up our “forgotten” rods (a special thank you to the person that brought them down to the States). It must have been the hot weather, or maybe my age? But it will never dull my love for Wildewood and the fond memories of your camp. Thanks again for the kindness you have shown me over the years.

Rex, Ellijay, GA

A big thanks! All the guys had a great time and the newcomers seemed impressed!

Donnie, Ellijay, GA

Thanks for a great week of fishing. I’m already planning on coming next year. See ya then.

friends from Illinois

We all appreciated your friendly personality and want you to know we were very satisfied. Not only with the numbers of walleyes but the quality. Never been around fish that fight that hard. We tried to keep track of the numbers we caught; our best guess is 850-900 walleyes – all on worms. If the good Lord sees fit, I will return!

Mike Coshun, Fisheries Biologist, Woodruff WI

It was a fabulous trip. The cuts on my hands from walleye spines, opercular covers, etc. haven’t healed completely yet, my gear isn’t completely dry and I still have that numb, glaze-eyed buzzy feeling that comes with pounding against wind, rain, and big water and going on about 3 hours of sleep a night for a week. My wife thinks I’m nuts for enjoying that sort of experience, but I wouldn’t trade one cut, bug bite, rain-soaked sandwich, or frosty boat seat for any other vacation trip I can imagine. You have a well-oiled operation on a lake, which is a true gift from God and supports an outstanding fishery. I’m thoroughly spent, but well spent, and looking forward to the next opportunity to do it all again. Thanks for the wonderful experience, I’ll definitely be back. And it looks like I’ll be leading some new folks to your “still waters” too. More fishing nuts looking for times “when the fishing is good and the company is fun”.

Richard Groat, Naples, NY

It was such an awesome time with you all up there. I can’t remember having such a relaxing, enjoyable time in a long, long time. Thank you all so much. We are already talking about out next trip up there. I am trying to get them to go up again next year. I’m ready. Thanks again for all your hospitality, good accommodations, and great fishing. By the way, Neil was a great help. He had everything all set for us every morning, and gave us any advice we needed. Also, thanks again for the hot dogs and gathering on our first night. Nice time to get to meet you all.

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