Packing Tips & Suggestions

Fishing / Hunting licenses: Purchase before you arrive at camp. Click here.

Basic Fishing & Hunting Gear:

Walleye Fishing Gear:

ML to M 6’6″ to 7′ graphite rods with fast action tip, reels to match rod for weight and balance, 6 to 8 lb. test line max. Bait: lots of jigs 1/8 to 1/4 oz. chartreuse, white, black, yellow, and pink. Road runners and fuzz-e grubs, floating jig heads, twister tails 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 in. long, spinner minnow rigs, rapala, shad rap, thunderstick, rat-L-trap and floating mag rapala.

Northern Pike Gear:

M to MH 6′ to 7′ graphite rods (medium heavy when using monofilament lines and medium action when using spectra and culver type lines), bait casting reels to match rod weight and balance, 12 to 20 lb. test line. Bait: Johnson silver minnow, red eye, suick, super shad rap, mepps, tandem spinner baits, slug-go, and big rat-L-traps.

Lake Trout Gear:

Trolling Rods – Shimano Talora Rods 8′ length with line weight of 10-20 lb., power medium and action medium/fast. Reel Daiwa Accudepth Plus 47 LC with line counter. Reel Line 65 lb. Power Pro. If trolling use 3 way swivel 75 lb. and off of 3 way swivel use 20 lb. fluoro carbon line to anywhere from a 1 oz. to 10 oz. bank sinker weight depending on time of season. Use 150 lb. duo lock snap to attach bank weight to line. Line off 3-way swivel to lure would be 30 lb. fluoro carbon. Bait: Sutton spoons #1 choice or try the new Savant Spoon, big rapalas, shad raps, rat-L-traps, red eyes, doctor spoon, and 2 oz. jigs for dead bait rigs.

This list is only a recommendation and is meant to assist our guests in the selection of top-quality and productive fishing gear. Remember, most lures catch fisherman…not fish. One’s arsenal of high tech equipment is good to a point. However, where and how you use it is your key to success.

Pre-Order Bait from Wildewood Store

Border restrictions have made it illegal to bring any biological bait from the United States into Canada. If it was ever living, no matter how it’s stored (frozen, salted, etc.) do not attempt to bring it across the border. However, you have two other options for purchasing bait:

  1. Purchase live bait before coming into camp from a licensed Ontario dealer within fishing Zone 4, or
  2. Place your bait order with us, at least one week in advance of your arrival, so we can have the bait you want to purchase on-hand at the resort. Bait is sold at current market value. Available bait includes sucker minnows, earth worms, leeches, and ciscos. Call or email your bait order one week prior to your arrival in camp.