Lake Savant

Facts about Lake Savant in Northwest Ontario

  1. 89,753 acres
  2. 409 miles of shoreline
  3. 25-miles long
  4. Water depths up to 200 feet
  5. Hundreds of islands
  6. Many sheltered bays
  7. No public access
  8. Many feeder streams flowing in and out
  9. The only other resort is over 18 miles away – see how remote we are by viewing us on Google Satellite
  10. Lake Savant is located near the small community of Savant Lake, in Northwestern Ontario along Secondary Highway 599, roughly halfway between Ignace and Pickle Lake.

The Savant River flows north to the Albany River and James Bay. Huge baitfish populations including cisco, suckers, perch and a variety of minnows make up the food chain. The Ministry of Natural Resources categorizes Lake Savant as a Class A or world-class fishery. The “In-Fisherman” professional staff calls the lake one of Ontario’s finest trophy fisheries close to the U.S. border.

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Abundant Trophy Fish

Lake Savant is without a doubt one of the finest and most productive fisheries in Northwest Ontario today. The lake supports a tremendous population of trophy fish in large numbers. Walleye, northern pike, lake trout and whitefish thrive in these waters.

Lake Savant is a Top-Rated Ontario Fishery

Lake Savant consistently produces northern pike in the 40-inch range with several more than 50 inches most years. The largest to date is 59.5 inches. Walleyes in large numbers range from upwards of 25 inches to the largest of 35.5 inches. Many lake trout fall in the 20-pound class with the largest to date being 42 pounds, although test-netting has produced fish exceeding current world records. When you study the habitat and depth structures of Lake Savant, it is easy to understand why it is rated in the top three percent of the best fisheries in Ontario.

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