Youtube video: Lake Trout Fishing

Video Transcript

Gary Pullen, Wildewood Guest:  Very little fishing pressure. It’s got tremendous structure in it.

 Wildewood Guest:  My first lake trout that I caught in Savant Lake, and it’s a nice one.

 Matt Neufeld:  Lake Savant is one of the few lakes around our area that have lake trout in them. Because of its deep, cold waters, it has a great, healthy population of lake trout.

 Gary Pullen:  Nice lake trout too. You’ve got eaters, and you’ve got wall-hangers.

 Matt Neufeld:  Lakers here are a great size. You can expect to come here, if you work hard enough, to catch a laker over 20 pounds. We have a number of lake trout fisherman that come here. It consistently produces fish in the 20- and 30-pound range throughout a season, and it has a very good potential of world-record lake trout in it.

 Gary Pullen:  They’re spirited. You get a 35-, 40-inch lake trout, your arms are going to be tired. You’ll find out if you’re in good shape.

 Matt Neufeld:  Great stories that we hear at Wildewood, when someone has a big lake trout on, is that when they’re bottom-bouncing with about a one-pound ball, they’ll have a hit. They’re not quite sure if it’s a fish, but most of them think it’s actually a snag. “It feels like a log” is the quote they use. They continue to wind it in, and all of a sudden, the log starts to move away from the boat. We’ve had several occasions where some of the spools on the reels have unwound completely, and customers have lost all the line on the reels due to probably a very large lake trout.

 Gary Pullen:  I got spooled off here. My first year Peg and I were here, I’d never been spooled off before, fishing for walleye. That had to be a big lake trout.

 Matt Neufeld:  Generally for lake trout, on Lake Savant, we like to troll with spoons in deep water. We also like to vertical jig with a big soccer minnow. Another great technique is spring time troll with muskie plugs along the shores, more in the shallows.

 Fall is an excellent time for lake trout fishing. That’s their spawning season, so you can find them on the three nearest islands to the camp. It’s usually stockpiled, and the waters are boiling with lake trout. We have all the rigs ready to go, we have the terminal tackle of rods in the reels. All the lines on them, and all you have to do is ask to come and use our lake trout gear. We’ll take you out and give you a complimentary orientation, how to fish these lakers, and get you hooked on some real big fish. You’re going to be addicted to lakers, just like we are here at Wildewood.