Youtube video: Walleye Fishing

Video Transcript

Wildewood Guest:  Wildewood. I don’t know. You be the judge.

 Matt Neufeld:  Walleye fishing here in Lake Savant is excellent. It’s a great species that has tremendous potential for 30-plus-inch walleyes. A spot we call the Narrows is just a short 10-minute boat ride from here. You can virtually catch fish after fish in the evenings.

 Wildewood Guest:  Walleyes from eating size to … I think the biggest we’ve had is a little over 30.

 Matt Neufeld:  On Lake Savant, we have a good food chain system, a good bait fish population. It’s allowed our fish to grow fast and get heavy real quick. They’re a nice, deep, dark, yellow color.

 Wildewood Guest:  Nineteen to 24 inches is just all-day-long fish. Even a 25 or 26 doesn’t get more than a comment anymore. We used to take a picture if we get a 26: “Oh, we’ve got to take a picture of that.” After a while, you just say, “Cool.” This is a fisherman’s lake. If you like to hunt, fish, and find new fish, which is what I enjoy the most, or if you want to sit on a school of fish and put 50 or 100 fish in a boat, you can do that.

 Matt Neufeld:  We have a great technique here that we use. We throw a six- to eight-inch sucker minnow with a stinger hook in the back. It continuously produces walleye over 22 inches on a routine basis. You don’t need too much in your tackle box: quarterounce jigs with a twister tail live bait works great. Some folks, as you get into mid-summer to August, we use a technique called speed trolling, a lot of casting with Rapalas. Some real nice numbers and nice, heavy fish.