What You Can Expect on a Walleye Fishing Trip in Canada


On your walleye fishing trip to Ontario you can expect to have an adventure of a lifetime. The fishing experience will be great. You will enjoy hooking these fighters. You will be excited to photograph that big monster, because no one back home would believe your fish story without it. Then there is all that relaxing on the water, eating on the shore, and talking around the fire in the evening. An experience well worth making the trip.

What You Can Expect on a Walleye Fishing Trip in Canada


So, you are going walleye fishing in Canada this year and have decided that your fishing trip will be in Ontario. Here is what you can expect.

You will see wildlife.

The top 10 animal species visitors see are:

  1. Common Loon
  2. Moose
  3. Woodland Caribou
  4. Bald Eagle
  5. Grey Wolf
  6. Beaver
  7. Canadian Lynx
  8. American White Pelican
  9. Peregrine Falcon
  10. Black Bear

There will be more than 2 species of game fish in your lake.

All these fish species are in Ontario lakes, not all lakes have all species. Your lake will have many of them.

  • Walleye
  • Northern Pike
  • Muskie
  • Bass (Large and Smallmouth)
  • Lake Trout
  • Sturgeon

There won’t be crowds of anglers on your lake.

Many lakes have very restricted access.

The rest are not crowded either.

You will catch some big fish.

Most of your catch will be ‘eater’ sized (1.5 to 3 pounds for walleye). Still great fun.

With a little practice, you can expect 22 inch to 25 inch walleye.

That 25 inch walleye will weigh about 6.35 pounds.

You will eat a Canadian shore lunch.

You eat what you catch, with fixings.

It is a thing here.

You will make memories to last a lifetime.

  • Glorious relief from stress
  • Camaraderie with buddies and other guests
  • Fun competition