Interesting Facts About Lake Savant Fishing

Wildewood on Lake Savant is a fishing resort near Ignace, Ontario. Everything that makes a lake offer a great fishing experience is here at Lake Savant. There are thousands of acres of pristine water that guests here have to themselves. There is no competition between the anglers or pressure on the fish. It is a Class A fishery so you will catch dozens of fish. Lots of them will be big, heavy fish that will put up a fight.

Interesting Facts About Lake Savant Fishing

Imagine coming to Lake Savant for your next fishing adventure. Picture this.

1. There are 89,753 acres of water for you and your boat.
Don’t worry. We will show you around.
Everyone gets a very accurate lake map.

2. You can troll for 25 miles without turning around.
But if you find fish, stop and drop a jig in the water.

3. There are 409 miles of shoreline to fry your lunch on.
Shore lunches of ‘eater’ size walleye are a thing in Ontario.
Nothing beats fish fresh from the water.

4. There are hundreds of islands in the lake.
Tempting, but the action is in the water.

5. Lots of sheltered bays to fish in.
Find a new one every day.

6. The water is up to 200 feet deep.
Bring extra line, your monster lake trout is down there somewhere.

7. There are many streams flowing in and out.
Hunt your game fish while they hunt their bait fish there.

8. No public access to Lake Savant.
It is just us and one other resort 18 miles of water away.

9. Lake Savant is near the community of Savant Lake.
Town is too big of a word. Population 98.

10. Lake Savant is designated a world-class fishery.
The Ministry of Natural Resources categorizes it as Class A.
They would know.