What Experiences Will I Get at a Canadian Fishing Lodge?

Canada sometimes falls under the radar for those looking for a fishing getaway. This country is known for its waterways –both salt and freshwater. These waterways provide the best sports fishing. And, all along these waterways Canadian fishing lodges offer excellent hospitality.

Canada has it all for anglers looking for rivers to fly-fish, or lakes to troll, or those looking to catch wild sea creatures. The numbers support this:

  • Non-Canadian residents and foreign visitors made more than 2.6 million fishing trips in Canada.
  • Of these, 48% were recreational.
  • Fishing expeditions to Canada made $7.9 billion in 2015.
  • “Pastime” fishing contributed $2.5 billion of that revenue.

Those looking to fish Canada’s waters have so many options open to them. From standard to custom fishing packages, lodging, food, fishing services, supplies, and what to catch.

For instance, walleye was the most caught fish species in Canada in 2015. Lake Trout followed in the second place, while northern pike followed in third place.

Why Choose a Remote Canadian Fishing Lodge?

Do you relish having an entire lake to yourself? Then, Canada’s remote wilderness is for you. In this pristine landscape, Canada sports a number of lodges that open up during the summer. Often these lodges are the only habitations for miles.

What Experiences Will I Get at a Canadian Fishing Lodge?
Fly-in to a remote Canadian fishing lodge for some extra special trophy fishing

Also, these lodges specialize in fly-in, drive-in, or boat-in vacation experiences. They know how to make your fishing vacation spectacular. The following supports why fishing in remote locales makes for better fishing.

Ontario, Canada Provides a Unique Experience

There are over 70,000 lakes, streams, and rivers in northwest Ontario. That means that water covers much of the region. Most of these fisheries are remote and carefully conserved.

Imagine having an entire lake to yourself. You’d have so many areas to fish within that lake. You could enjoy many other activities, like kayaking or canoeing, walking nearby trails, picnics, and so much more.

Managed Fishing Makes for Better Fishing

Canada is forward thinking. They know that ecotourism is their future. Part of that is protecting the sport fishing that they have. Right now, Ontario alone has 158 fish species. Plus, they grow their fish big. But only because they don’t overfish their waters.

Catch and release has become part of Canada’s fishing culture. You’ll have the time of your life, catching that elusive trophy fish. Then you simply take a photo as proof and release it back into the water so that it can continue to grow and flourish.

That said, you can still catch panfish for your lunch or dinner. Yum! And, if you really want that trophy fish on your wall, Canada will give you license to do so. And there are a number of local businesses that will help with the taxidermy.

Awe-Inspiring Sunset Views

What Experiences Will I Get at a Canadian Fishing Lodge?
Sunset over Lake Savant in Canada

There is a reason why northern Ontario is called the Sunset Country. As you may have guessed, the sunsets here take your breath away. Whichever remote Canadian lodge you choose, you can be sure of picture-worthy sunsets. For the best sunset experience, spray down with bug spray, grab a drink, find a comfortable spot and listen to the insect and animal life bed down.

Experiences to Expect at a Fishing Lodge in Canada

Here is a rundown of what experiences you might have at a fishing lodge in Canada.

Lake- and Catch-Specific Tours

Canada’s fishing lodges offer the chance to venture into deep waters on guided tours. Visitors learn the fishing techniques that work for that specific lake and the fish specimen they want. At Wildewood on Lake Savant we make sure to send you out with a staff member that has worked here for at least one year. We also have a couple of people with more than 14 years’ experience on our lake!

Luxury Living by the Shore or a More Rustic Experience

You can tailor your lodge experience. Some lodges offer a more resort feel where all your luxurious dreams come true. Some lodges offer a more barebones approach. And some offer a mixture or fall in the middle.

For instance, we have a variety of cabin sizes you can choose depending on your party size and preference. Guests can opt to stay in a cabin for four guests or one that fits eight guests. All of our cabins have been updated to provide comfort, relaxation, and modern amenities.

Trophy Fishing

Remote locations, like Lake Savant, often only have private access to the lake. This limits the numbers of fishermen. It also protects the ecology and fish thrive. Thus, you can expect an plenty of fish species like northern pike, lake trout, and walleye. And, you can expect trophy sizes. Just look at our gallery for proof.

Drive-In Fishing Excursions

There are drive-in fishing lodges in Canada, as well as fly-in or boat-in. This allows for easier access to the waterway, more leniency in luggage, and is typically closer to other amenities.

The further north you drive, the more remote it gets, and the fewer people you’ll encounter. Wildewood at Lake Savant lies in that perfect zone where you can drive-in, there’s a nearby small town (Savant Lake 15 miles south), but it feels like a super remote fly-in location when you’re on the water.

Are you planning a fishing trip to Canada? Please contact us to get the best sport fishing experiences with a well-reviewed Canadian Fishing Lodge.