Why Are Canadian Fishing Lodges So Popular with Americans?

Why Are Canadian Fishing Lodges So Popular with Americans?
Wildewood on Lake Savant, a drive-in fishing resort with a fly-in feel


Fishing is a popular outdoor sport and hobby for many Americans–both young and old. A report that was released by the U.S Department of Interior in 2017 showed that at least 101.6 million Americans participated in wildlife-related activities such as fishing in 2016 alone. This figure represents approximately 40 percent of the American population 16 years and older.

The same report shows that between 2011 and 2016, Americans spend a whopping $156 billion on hunting and fishing activities. This confirms the continued interest in engaging in outdoor activities, especially fishing.

Americans believe that there is unique art in the sport of hunting and fishing. For some of them, fishing is a deeply rooted and cherished family custom that is passed from one generation to the next. But, why is fishing so popular among Americans? We believe that we understand some of the reasons.

Why Americans Love to Fish

Why Are Canadian Fishing Lodges So Popular with Americans?
Americans love to fish on Lake Savant in Ontario, Canada


Most Americans who spend their time outdoors fishing do so for pleasure, not food. Here are some of the top reasons why Americans find so much enjoyment in fishing:

  • The urge to conserve the environment: A significant number of American anglers are passionate about the environment, and they will do everything possible to help conserve it.

By paying special taxes and purchasing fishing licenses, anglers play a critical role in funding many wildlife conservation programs that exist both in and outside the country.

Anglers are also aware of the importance of clean water and pride themselves on protecting and conserving the environment that provides a natural habitat to fish.

  • The relaxation: Ask any experienced angler out there, and he/she will admit that there is something quite relaxing about spending time on the water.

It does not matter whether someone is out there alone or with a friend; throwing out aline and waiting to see what comes out is a great way to unwind from everyday life.

  • Creating awesome memories: Being out there on the lake with friends or family members can be more than relaxing. It can also offer a great way to connect, bond, catch up, and create new memories that will be cherished forever.

The memories will last longer than any fish caught, something that will be held dear forever.

  • The thrill: Fishing has a unique way of fulfilling a primal need of hunting and gathering. The real thrill lies in the challenge such as stalking that elusive lake trout and finally catching it.

However, some anglers believe that it is not the catching of the fish that is important, but the numerous life lessons that you will experience along the way.

  • The healthy benefits: The sad truth is that a vast majority of Americans are overweight. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that approximately 71.6% of adult Americans are overweight.

Fortunately, spending quality time outdoors and being active makes one feel better and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Fishing can help burn unwanted calories and add many years to a life. That said, it is an activity that can be tailored to one’s fitness level. So anyone could enjoy it.

  • Fishing boosts self-esteem: Nothing gives both your body and mind a positive high than spending quality time with nature. Outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting give you a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

The joy of riding a boat or catching your first fish triggers inner happiness that makes you believe in yourself. Furthermore, fishing is a lifetime hobby and skill that you can enjoy at any phase of your life.

Why Is Canadian Fishing So Great for Americans?

Many Americans slip over the border during summer to enjoy the freshwater lakes that are full of a wide variety of fish species such as trophy walleye, northern pike, and lake trout. Today, Ontario family fishing vacations have become more popular with Americans, and for a good reason.

  • An unparalleled variety of fishing experiences: Canada boasts a diverse and beautiful landscape that features forests, lakes, sub-arctic tundra, and prairie grasslands. As a result, the country guarantees quality freshwater fishing that is unmatched in North America. 

Visiting American anglers are usually served by the numerous Canada fishing lodges and outfitters with many of them offering a wide range of exciting adventures. Some of these lodges, such as Wildewood on Lake Savant, are conveniently located in remote wilderness that offer breathtaking views.

  • Family-oriented adventure: Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a fishing excursion that is ideal for the whole family, but Canada seems to have something for everyone.

Apart from fishing, there are lots of other fun activities families can engage in, such as camping, boating, swimming, and much more. The only thing that one needs to remember while going on a fishing trip in Canada is to bring a good camera to capture magical moments.

  • There is a lot to choose from: There are over one million streams, rivers, and lakes in Canada. Ontario alone has over 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams.
  • World-class conservation ethic: The country’s outstanding fishing landscape is due to more than just the streams, rivers, lakes, and wilderness.

Canada has a remarkable conservation policy that has set a good precedent throughout North America. In some provinces, it is mandatory for all anglers to use barbless hooks to ensure that trophy fish are released back into the water alive.

This policy has cultivated a culture of catch-and-release with some fishing destinations forbidding the harvest of trophy fish. Helping to manage and sustain high-quality fishery throughout the country.

The Bottom Line


Canada is home to some of the best fishing experiences in the world. It does not matter whether you are an experienced angler, or you are pursuing your next big trophy, this is probably your best bet destination.

With diverse species ranging from the lake trout to walleye and stunning Canada fishing lodges, resorts, and campgrounds, you can be sure that there is something for every budget. Fishing in Canada is truly a great adventure that every American can enjoy.

Are you ready to experience and discover new fishing adventures in Ontario?  Talk to us today for more information about what Wildewood on Lake Savant offers or to book your family’s fishing adventure.