What adventures can I count on having during a fishing trip in Ontario?

Adventure abounds in the pristine wilds of Ontario, Canada. Of course, people think of fishing trips since Ontario is a land of lakes and rivers. We’re talking around 250 thousand lakes, and that doesn’t even cover the rivers. But fishing is not the only adventure one could have at a Canada fishing lodge.


One adventure that you can have at most Canada fishing lodges is a hike. These can be multi-day adventures or a simple walk around the lodge’s property or nearby wilderness.

A word of caution: don’t just walk off and explore by yourself, especially if you are new to the area. Canada fishing lodges are often remote and there are associated dangers. Ask the lodge about nearby hiking opportunities.You may also get lost or injured. So, make sure that multiple people know where you’re going and when you expect to return.

Go prepared. Make sure you’re packing the proper equipment and supplies on your hike. For a comprehensive list, check out this resource. It is specifically designed for an overnight or multi-day trip, but you can pare it down to the essentials for a day trip.

What adventures can I count on having during a fishing trip in Ontario?
Include hunting in your next fishing trip in Ontario


The northwest of Ontario is a hunter’s paradise. Conservation efforts have kept the area largely undeveloped and the ecosystems healthy. Wildlife abounds and flourishes with little manmade impact.

Four of the best hunting experiences that you can have up in Ontario are:

  • black bear
  • moose
  • deer
  • various birds (waterfowl, ducks, grouse, etc.).

Before you go hunting, you’ll need an Outdoors Card and a hunter accreditation on file with the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service, and all required hunting licenses and tags for the game you want to go for. Oh, and you’ll need to be at least 16 years old. For more information, and for information of the rules of hunting in Canada, please check out the official Government of Ontario’s site.

Landscape Photography

Canada’s landscape is breathtaking. The natural beauty of the place is almost indescribable.

It can be a welcome challenge to capture a transient moment, like when the sun sparkles across the flat surface of the lake. Or, how the morning mist seems to hint at other worlds before disappearing.

Capturing a specific magical moment highlighting the beauty of the landscape can be an adventure of a lifetime. To avoid taking bland so-so photographs do the following:

  • Embrace depth. Look for ways to have foreground, background, and something in the middle.
  • Go wide. Use a wide-angle lens to highlight the broad wide-open spaces of Canada.
  • Capture the movement of water. There’s nothing quite so magical as the white-water effect of a long exposure.
  • Mirror, mirror. Use the water as a mirror. Ontario is the land of lakes and rivers. The best times for this are the first hour just after sunrise and the last hour before sunset.

If you’re serious about a landscape photography adventure at one of Canada’s Ontario lodges, then review this article.


There is very little if any light pollution at Canada’s fishing lodges. This means that when the sun sets and the sky darkens, the stars shine. It will feel almost like you can reach out and touch them. And, you’ll be amazed at how many stars you see.

You could plan to do a bit of stargazing during one or more of your nights there.

  • Create a game out of how many of the constellations you can correctly find.
  • Snuggle up to your loved one under a cozy blanket and talk story.
  • Pull out binoculars and really study the moon or see if you can find Jupiter and Saturn. Other things you might be able to find in the night sky with binoculars are the international space station, the Pleiades, nebulas, Andromeda, and the Milky Way.

There are so many stargazing activities that you could even try to do one each night.

What adventures can I count on having during a fishing trip in Ontario?
Trophy fish can be massive in Canada

Trophy Fishing

Of course, the ultimate adventure that you can count on during a fishing trip in Ontario is trophy fishing. For a basic introduction to the fish of Ontario, read this blog post.

There are 158 fish species just in the province of Ontario alone. Granted, you aren’t going to want to fish all of them, and many of them are protected.

Still, that leaves several trophy options. Be sure to pick a Canadian fishing lodge that sits on a lake or river that contains the specific trophy fish you wish to go after.

Wildlife Photography

Those that are passionate about photography could elect to include a wildlife photography adventure in their fishing trip to Ontario. Some tips for planning one:

  • Research. Find out what animal life you are likely to see while you are there. And, what time of day or night would be best to catch them. Also, research any dangers these animals might pose and plan accordingly.
  • Adjust your expectation. Realize that you’re dealing with wildlife and they won’t conform to a schedule.
  • Be prepared. You want to be ready to capture that fortuitous accidental wildlife encounter while you’re out and about on any of your other planned adventures.

For more tips, go here.

Wildewood on Lake Savant can help you plan the best fishing trip in Ontario!

We’re more than willing to help you plan your next Ontario fishing trip, with or without the extra adventures listed above.

The main point of this article is to point out that there is so much more than just fishing at Canada’s fishing lodges. That anyone in your party could have a fantastic time up here disconnecting from the world. Please contact us if you’re ready to plan your epic adventure.