10 Tips on Planning an Ontario Fishing Trip for Women

There is no reason for men to have all the fun at Canadian fishing lodges. More and more women anglers are coming for their own adventures. Many more women are developing an interest in trying recreational fishing.

Anglers know there are more benefits than only the great fish. If you are interested in being an outdoors woman on, in, and around a beautiful and pristine Canadian lake, here are 10 tips to help you plan an awesome trip.

Planning is a big job. This list will help you tackle it efficiently.

10 Tips on Planning an Ontario Fishing Trip for Women

1. Recruit others in your family or among your friends to come along.

Every experience is enhanced when you share it with the people you love. This can be family, friends, or both. Consider bringing your daughter(s) and/or mother. The ‘Girl’s Night Out’ has always been loads of fun.

Unconnect with the boisterous world and connect with each other for a wonderful ‘Girl’s Week Out’.

A multi-generational women’s trip can be especially rewarding. You will gain all those different perspectives on your common experiences.

The daughter’s will find their mothers are much cooler to be around than they thought. Mothers may have intimate conversations with their daughters because everyone is unplugged and in a peaceful environment.

2. Take part in a fishing workshop for women before your Ontario fishing trip.

The awesome benefits of sport fishing have been claimed almost exclusively by men. Until now. The sport is now changing and becoming more inclusive.

An increasing number of women anglers are posting accounts of their fishing adventures in the online recreational fishing journals. They are talking about how much fun they are having. And about the several ways recreational fishing has added to their personal lives.

This has generated interest among women who have not fished before. The community of recreational anglers are friendly people. They are reaching out to these female future anglers to ease them into this wonderful sport.

There are workshops all over that offer opportunities to learn recreational fishing outdoors with other women. No pressure, no stress, no judgment, and no men. Just fun at your own pace.

The goal for these teaching programs is “the enjoyment, fun, and camaraderie”.

The “Cast and Blast” program by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources are a couple of examples. Ohio and many other states have similar programs. Many supply all the equipment and even the food.

3. Decide on how your fishing trip to Ontario is going to be planned.

There are a lot of ways to do this. You can book a package deal at resort fishing lodge. You then pay a premium price for that lodge to take care of all the details for you.

Or, you can plan the details yourselves. This offers the best value and much more flexibility across all aspects of your trip.

If you already know that you’d like to come stay with us, we are more than happy to help you plan your female fishing retreat.

4. Decide who does the planning if you are planning it yourselves.

This is quite important. If all the responsibility goes to one person, she may get overwhelmed.

Consider dividing the job into bits among several women. These tasks could be parceled out: transportation, accommodations (the Canada fishing lodge everyone agrees on), food, collecting the tackle, etcetera.

5. Decide on travel details.

Come to a consensus on how to travel. It is important to discuss budgets here. The top end of what each woman is willing to spend is going to vary widely. Having this discussion early will greatly aid planning.

Maybe travel time is not critical. You all may be looking forward to an awesome road trip together.

Or do you all want to spend the maximum amount of time at the lodge and on the water? Is flying an option for everyone?

6. Consider hiring a guide at your fishing lodge in Canada.

You may or may not have a lot of angling experience already. But a guide on your destination lake really knows that lake. A guide can really enhance your fishing experience by teaching you how to be successful. There are 6 ways a guide can do this for you.

  1. They intimately know the lake trout, walleye, muskie, and every other species of fish in the lake.
  2. They know how they behave at different times of the day
  3. And they know how they behave in different times of the season.
  4. They can show you where each species of fish likes to hang out.
  5. And they can show you what bait or lure your target fish will bite on.
  6. They can help you learn more about your new sport if you are a novice.

7. Consider if alone time needs to be part of the experience.

Is being together every waking and sleeping hour going to be too much of a good time for anyone? Maybe more than one bedroom is a good idea.

Yet, some of the best conversations that have been had are between a mother and daughter at night while tucked into beds. The same is true for best friends.

8. Plan for people with differing stamina.

If the women are of a wide range of ages, some may want less activity. Plan for that. There are several other things than fishing to do at fishing lodges in Canada.

9. Work out money issues in advance.

Do not let anyone have their wonderful experience in the Canadian outdoors spoiled by the sticker shock of surprise expenses.

Also, it is no fun to sort through receipts on the way home to divvy out final reckonings.

10. Finish working through tips 1 through 9 early.

Give yourselves plenty of time to relax and decompress. When all the work is done the fun can begin, even before you pile into the car together. Allow yourselves time to anticipate your adventure. Conspire together all the way to your fishing lodge in Canada.

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