Seasonal Rules to Trout Fishing in Ontario Canada


Fishing rules and regulations vary by where you want to fish and by season. There are thousands of lakes here. But, it is easy to know what the rules are for the body of water you are fishing. Ontario is divided into 20 geographic zones called Fisheries Management Zones (FMZ). The Fishing Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary clearly lists the rules by FMZLake Savant is in Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ) 4Wildewood on Lake Savant is open from 3rd Saturday in May (approximately ice out) to the end of September. Ice out is a great time for Lake Trout. 


Seasonal Rules to Trout Fishing in Ontario Canada
Seasonal Rules to Trout Fishing in Ontario Canada


Anglers who want to fish for trout in Ontario need to know the rules.  


Closed seasons protect a species when it is vulnerable. 

The season is closed for a specific fish species in particular bodies of water. 

Seasons are closed to protect a species during part of its life cycle when it is vulnerable. 


Open season has rules to protect the sustainability of the species population. 

Open season means you can target and fish for that fish species. 

Open season also means you can catch and keep a daily limit of that fish. 


Size limits protect mature females to maintain a healthy population. 

Daily catch and keep limits also maintain healthy population numbers. 


Ontario fishing lodges and resorts know the rules. 

The staff at your Ontario fishing lodge also fish in that lake. 

They know the rules. 

Ask them. 


The rules help Lake Trout fishing in Ontario. 

Lake Trout populations are kept high with: 

Appropriate season closings 

And size and catch limits. 


Lake Trout rules for FMZ 4 


Open season is from 1 January to 30 September. 

The catch and keep limit is: 

2 for a Sport license. 

1 for a Conservation license. 


The size limit is: 

Only 1 greater than 22 inches (56 cm) for a Sport license. 

No size limit for a Conservation license.