Youtube video- Fishing Resort Community in Ontario Canada

Video transcript

Matt Neufeld:  To all our guests upon their arrival, we invite them over for what we call “Hot Dog Night,” and it’s a gathering that we use to introduce everybody in camp to each other. So it‘s like a small little community, plus it gives our staff a chance to meet everybody that’s coming and to introduce you and welcome you to Wildewood. We serve up hot dogs, chips, baked beans. Just bring your own drink, and we’ll light the fire in the front porch and you’ll have a nice time.

 Wildewood Guest:  Real good time. You capture a lot of fish and you’re happy.

 Matt Neufeld:  You get a complimentary day of fishing to show you the fishing hot spots, the techniques we use. We’ll take you out and cook you a short lunch and show you a day you’ll never forget.