Lake Fishing Safety Tips

Spending time on the lake and fishing has been part of family traditions for generations. With time, fishing has remained a constant, however with handling of sharp objects and water it is important that fishing safety tips comes first, especially if small children are going to be involved.

Fishing Safety Tips – Bring Your First Aid Kit

Lake Fishing Safety TipsWhether you are on a boat or on the shoreline, you should have a first aid kit with you. Items that could start out your first aid kit that are specific to the sport of fishing are:

  • Insect repellent/insect bite treatment
  • Sunblock/Sunburn cream
  • Flash lights
  • Bandages – both large and small
  • Cell phone or radio
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Aspirin and other required medications

Be Prepared for Your Environment

Lake Fishing Safety Tips1. If you decide to use a boat for fishing, everyone on that boat should be wearing a life vest, especially young children. Accidents can happen, water currents in lakes and rivers can overcome even a strong swimmer.

2. A cloudy lake could hide sharp rocks, glass, or random debris, if you do not wear proper shoes, you risk cuts that could lead to infections.

3. Most people experience a difference of at least 10 degrees cooler from the wind coming off the lake’s surface. Bring along different layers to include cold weather fishing clothing and gloves. Your outer most layer should focus on water resistance and sun cover.

Understand Sharps

1. Part of fishing is handling the actual fish. Fish naturally have barbs, sharp scales, and at times teeth. It is important to wear gloves that are puncture resistant to keep your hands from being cut.

2. Hooks and lures in fishing are a necessity but can provide a dangerous situation especially while casting. Have children who are learning to cast start their cast in an overhead motion verses from the side.

3. Whether you are untangling fishing line or cleaning the catch of the day, knives can also provide a risky situation for those people who are unfamiliar with proper knife handling skill. Keep knives out of hands of people who do not have much experience.

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