How to Optimize Your Family Vacation with a Drive-in Ontario Fishing Trip

Northern Ontario has over 70,000 lakes and rivers, outnumbering the people that call it home. This ratio, plus careful fish and wildlife conservation programs makes the area a pristine natural beauty ideal for family vacations during the summer months. This article will cover how to optimize your Ontario family fishing trip.

Why would I want to take my family on a fishing trip to Ontario?

Ontario specializes in fishing experiences. You have roughly three choices: drive-in, fly-in, or boat-in locations. Each offer amazing and unique experiences with associated benefits and limits. Cost, luggage, and other considerations may make fly-in and boat-in locations difficult for families. Wildewood on Lake Savant is a drive-in fishing resort that has a fly-in or boat-in feel to it. There’s only one other resort on the 25-mile-long lake with over 400 miles of shoreline and numerous islands and bays.Watch the video below for an overview of what our resort has to offer.

As far as fishing goes, you can find walleye, muskie, northern pike, bass, and lake trout, along with several other fish species. By doing a destination vacation like this, and encouraging your family to try new things, you’ll create memories that will last a life-time.

Planning is the first step towards a successful vacation at a Canadian fishing lodge.

Planning and prep work will go a long way towards optimizing your fishing experience in Canada. For 10 Tips on Planning Your Family Fishing Vacation, go here.

How to Have THE BEST Ontario Family Fishing Vacation

The following are tips to creating the best fishing vacation for your family in Ontario.

  • Set Up Shop. When you’ve arrived at the resort or lodge, get your family set up and unpacked as quickly as possible. Figure out where the food can be securely stored. Don’t leave food or trash outside or in the car. Remember, you’re in bear country and bears are like gigantic raccoons. Getting your kids and other family members settled into their own spaces will help. Everyone needs a place to get away, even on vacation.
  • Have Alone Time Built In. People who haven’t spent 24 hours 7 days a week will get on each other’s nerves when forced to be together all the time during a vacation. Everyone in the family will benefit from alone time. Also, if you have teenagers, do yourself a favor and let them choose when and how they will spend time with the family.
  • Take a Day to Explore. Don’t immediately go out on the water. Take some time to explore your surroundings and get familiar with the resort and the nature to be enjoyed. Participate in any welcoming activities the resort hosts. Get to know any other vacationers.
  • Get on the Water.Do get out there. After all, fishing is the main event at a place like this. If it’s available, hire a guide to take your family out and show you the best fishing spots and shave years of the learning curve. Be sure to bring waterproof cameras to document everything. Take joy in every step of the way, from getting everyone up and out to being out as a family to cooking up a delicious dinner from the day’s catch.
  • Be safe. Always wear life jackets while on the water. Be aware of your surroundings and watch the weather. It can be unpredictable on large bodies of water. Know what to do if you get caught out in a storm. Know what to do if other emergencies occur.
  • Have fun! In other words, try not to allow stress to ruin a good moment. Laugh as much as possible. Practice being grateful. What we focus on becomes reality. If you allow yourself (or family members) to complain and focus on negativity, the vacation could turn out poorly. On the other hand, focusing on something you do like and are grateful for (even if it’s a difficult family member) can turn it around.
  • Be Flexible and Make Sacrifices. This can be a challenge. If you’re anything like me, you carefully plan out your itinerary with all the adventures and relaxing moments you crave. If something happens to derail that plan and you aren’t prepared to roll with it, then you can feel disappointed and like you’ve missed out on something. However, if you’re ready to take the opportunity to explore an unplanned moment, you may find that moment becomes a highlight of the trip. Also, be willing to do something you hate if someone else really wants to do it and don’t complain about it. A family vacation isn’t about a single person’s preference. Plus, that can be a teaching moment for the rest of the family about how sacrifice and flexibility show love.
  • Know the Limits of Your Group. Plan activities around the limitations of your family members. If you have someone in the group who may not have the stamina for an entire day on the water, plan smaller excursions. Or, create separate adventures for different personalities. Don’t try to force everyone to do everything the same way. Be realistic about how much your family can accomplish in a single day.
  • Plan for Afternoon Crankiness. There’s a magical time in the afternoon when it’s not quite time for dinnerbut people are tired from earlier activities and are feeling off. This time can be rife with conflict. Provide snacks and plan simple activities like reading or going for a walk. Encourage the kids to go on a scavenger hunt with cameras. Even a simple card game can serve as a distraction.

We love the beauty and nature that surrounds us at Wildewood on Lake Savant. We feel strongly that families can benefit from an Ontario fishing vacation. Adventures and bonding experiences abound. We’d love to help you plan your own family vacation. Contact us for more information.