Infographic – Gear Setup Procedure for Walleye Fishing

Infographic – Gear Setup Procedure for Walleye Fishing

Gear Setup Procedure for Walleye Fishing

Step 1

Choosing the right rod & reel

Use only light to medium light graphite rods (5’6” to 6’6”) with fast action tips when walleye fishing at Lake Savant. There are two main types of walleye fishing rods and reels including spinning and bait casting.

Walleye gear setup tip: Any walleye fishing reel should have an extremely smooth drag and match the rod for ideal weight and balance.

Step 2

 Using the best fishing line

Walleyes are notorious for being short strikers, so using light line (4 to 6 pound test) with the recommended rod and reel can help reduce both drag and resistance on the bait being used and promote fish to eat the bait.

 Fishing gear setup tip: Braided fishing line not only provides a thinner diameter, but it also stretches less for additional sensitivity, which is key for catching walleyes.

Step 3

Purchasing the right bait

Fishing with dynamite is illegal. You’ll want to use some of the following bait as recommended by the fishing experts: jigs, road runners, fuzz-e grubs and spinner minnow rigs.

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