Youtube Video: Cabins at Fishing Resort Ontario


Video Transcript

Matt Neufeld:  Our cabins are all spread out through the resort here, and you have privacy. We have two new cabins. They have hot and cold water at a kitchen sink, a bathroom vanity, and hot-and-cold shower. You still have an outdoor toilet facility.

 The remaining four are our older cabins. They’re rustic. Our four remaining rustic cabins are all clean and have all the amenities that you’ll need to prepare your fish in and cook all your meals. We have differentsize cabins, which sleep different amounts of people, so we can accommodate large groups, small groups, medium groups, whatever is necessary. All the cooking utensils are there. We have comfortable beds.

 Wildewood Guest:  We stay in one of the older cabins because we’re older guys, and that’s kind of what we’re used to, and we enjoy that. Now, when my wife and I were here, we stayed in a new cabin. She’s happy.

 Matt Neufeld:  In our four remaining rustic cabins, you have a community shower house, and we have a great fish cleaning facility for our customers, and when you arrive, we have running water in there to wash your fish out with. We have freezer space, and we have fish packing bags. We have frozen block ice for our customers here to use for daily trips out in the water for their coolers, or they may use it when packaging and freezing up their fish for the long journey home.

 We have two Cummins diesel generators, which run 24/7. You’ll have electricity and all the power you’ll need every minute that you’re here at Wildewood. In the end term, when we have bright, sunny days, we also have a solar system, which will run probably 90 percent of the time for all your electrical needs.

 We have great communications systems here at Wildewood. We have a newly installed Internet system that’s wireless. It’s obtainable in all the six cabins throughout the resort. We also have a radio phone.