5 Ways to Enjoy the Best Walleye Fishing in Ontario

5 Ways to Enjoy the Best Walleye Fishing in Ontario

Here are five ways to really have a great time at Ontario fishing lodges and resorts. Some of it is a little bit of work, but mostly it is getting your mind into Ontario fishing vacation mode.

ONE: Invite your buddies or your family

Fishing is a sport that unites family and friends.

Friendships are strengthened when a common interest is shared.

Cherished bonds among children and between children and parents are developed.


You will need someone to back you up when you tell others about your greatest catch.

TWO: Get your equipment ready.

Gather the gear you need for Walleye.

Thoroughly clean and repair your rods and reels.

Sharpen your knives.

Oil/grease everything that needs lubricating and protecting.


Don’t let your trophy Walleye get away because your reel froze up or your rod tip broke.

THREE: Develop a couple of strategies

Get psyched for the best walleye fishing in Ontario – plan to catch your prey.

Trolling – to find where walleye hang out.

Vertical jigging – to work the depths walleye feed in.

Slip sinker rigs – to counter walleye’s tendency to drop bait when they feel resistance.

Slip bobber rigs – to put bait in your walleye’s face when you know its depth.

Spinners – an old but true technique.

Cast and retrieve – in the shallows at dawn and dusk.

FOUR: Get an orientation out on Lake Savant

Get a free orientation on the lake on your first day.

Your fishing lodge host knows his lake and the walleye in it.

Fish in a walleye hot spot in the 1st hour.

Learn how to adjust your strategies for Lake Savant walleye.

FIVE: Disconnect from your concerns – Connect with your buddies and your walleye

Leave your stresses home.

Disconnect from the rest of the world.

Just be present with your buddies or family – allow no intrusions.

Start or continue a precious family tradition.

Relax and have a blast.


Be in the moment while hunting your prey: Lake Savant walleye.