Bring Your Family to Wildewood at Lake Savant!

Bring Your Family to Wildewood at Lake Savant!

Fishing, hunting, and time away can really bring a family together. There are very few activities today that allow you to completely disconnect from your electronics and come together as a family. You can learn a lot about your loved ones when you spend some uninterrupted time together. There is something special about fishing or hunting for your own food and then preparing it over a fire with your family.

Fishing and Hunting Brings Families Together

Hunting and fishing is sometimes passed down from generation to generation. For some families, it is a right of passage or part of growing up. For others, hunting and fishing is a relaxing activity that everyone can enjoy. Hunting and fishing have very few restrictions on who can participate, unlike a wide range of other family-oriented activities like amusement parks or other sports.

At our facility, you will actually be successful when you attempt to hunt or fish. The chances of catching a fish or bagging a moose at Wildewood is extremely high—this definitely makes for a good time with your family!

Our Log Cabins Are Perfect for Families

Families love our log cabins. Even the smallest cabin will sleep four guests. The largest cabin sleeps eight people. The cabins are comfortable and will allow your entire family to relax together. All of our cabins are right on the lake, so they are all perfect for fishing or just enjoying the scenery.

Every cabin comes with a range and oven, refrigerator/freezer, and all of your cooking utensils and dinnerware. Everything that you need to sleep is also provided. We also provide a charcoal grill, picnic table, and outdoor fish fry cooker. We even provide a microwave and a coffee maker.

Wildewood at Lake Savant is a place where your family can make memories that will last a lifetime.