11 Tips on How to Prepare Your Kids for an Ontario Fishing Adventure

Fishing is something you really like to do, especially at a northwest Ontario fishing resort. Among other things, it is fun. It can be fun for your kids as well if you prepare them for a fishing adventure with you.

It is a great way to have fun together outdoors without distractions. Here are some pointers on how to introduce your youngster(s) to fishing.

If you want to spend your time mostly on the water, your children should be at least 7 years old. If you’re going to get your younger children interesting in fishing, these tips will get you guys started. They hold true for older children because they can be adapted to their abilities.

1. Make it Fun.

Prepare your kids by reading books about fish together. They love to read with their parents, and they will get excited about the trip.

Outfit them to dress up like you: hat, sunglasses, similar outerwear, and size-appropriate fishing rod. More on that later.

2. Location – Choose an Ontario fishing lodge or resort.

With kids who are quite small, it can be difficult for them to be confined to a small boat. Try finding an easily accessible spot on the shore. They will be free to be their naturally fidgety selves.

Plus, their attention spans can be quite short. Onshore there can be other helpful diversions, like playing with a toy in the dirt or sand for a little while. They can take a short break from fishing and then come back to it.

To introduce your prospective angler to this great sport, really set them up for an exciting time with you. Pick a spot where you know there are fish. They will be plenty excited with the little ones. Try to find a place where fish can be seen. When staying at a fishing resort, ask for the best locations or consider having a guide.

3. Timing

Your kids ages can determine how long they can fish. It may be less than an hour. Older children may be able to keep up with you.

Watch your children for clues that they are done fishing for the time being. If their attention is on something other than fishing, it is time to pack up. Go do some other awesome thing on site.

4. Tackle

Children will be super excited to have their own tackle, which is just the right size for them!  The short rods appeal to them and are more comfortable for small hands to manipulate.

At first, they will need help with the steps: hook baiting, casting, and reeling in. Then let them try to do things for themselves, as they are able.

The idea is to avoid them becoming frustrated before they get hooked on fishing.

5. Necessary Stuff – an Ontario fishing license for them is not one of these.

Before your trip, have your kid help you make the list of supplies. You know it by heart, but they will enjoy helping. You have to have food, water, first aid stuff, life jackets, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug repellent. You will need your license and Outdoors Card, they will not if they are under 18.

You should pack diversions for when they need a little break. You know best, but it could be something to color with or some small outdoor toys. Try not to include electronic things because fishing trips are to get away from all that.

6. Be safe at northwest Ontario fishing resorts or anywhere else.

Make sure any ground you fish from is stable. Be mindful of rocks or other things where children can slip into the water. Teach them that when we fish, we wear a life jacket. Develop that habit from the start.

Also, teach them how to handle their rod safely. Keep it lower than the waist, etc.

7. Minimize your Advice.

Your kids will require basic instructions from you to get started. They will not be able to absorb much more than that and remember it. Give them just enough to get the line in the water and the fish out.

They will need to hear that basic instruction more than one time. Tell your children what you are going to show them. Then tell them the same thing while you show them with their rod in their hands. Do not add anything new. Let them spend time really learning that.

The next day, let them do the same thing they learned yesterday. Remind them, if they need it. After a bit, teach your child something new the same way.

8. Nothing is too hard until it is.

Kids are smarter than they are given credit. They start figuring out right away how to add to what you teach them. They watch you. Let them figure it out. Help them if they need it to keep from getting frustrated.

9. Let your child do it.

Children are excited to learn something new, especially from their parents. But they do not want you doing it for them every time. They learn best by doing themselves that thing you just showed them. As they try, you may need to fill in the gaps a couple of times.

10. Add other activities.

Your fishing trip will be more fun if it is about fishing and more. Teach your child about all the other traditions we have at northwest Ontario fishing resorts, like shore lunches, swimming, fire starting, and campfires.

Hiking, wildlife watching, photography, and stargazing are also fun things to do with children.

11. After all that, the fish will happen.

Don’t stress about the catching of the fish. This time is about your children and bonding with them.  And it is about teaching them a great new sport you can share.

If everyone is having fun, the fish are going to happen without forcing the issue. Especially if you are fishing at Ontario fishing lodges and resorts.

12. Get a map of fishing lodges in Ontario.

You will find it useful. Get your Ontario fishing lodges map free here.

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