Best Times To Catch Fish

Fishing Seasons

Early season

From May to June, producing a fish on every single cast is almost expected. Walleye and northern pike will move into staging areas bordering spawning beds for several weeks after the ice melts. The fish population can escalate quickly and create a bonanza! Lake trout are scattered, shallow and easy to catch.

Mid season

July through August brings in the reduced chance for cold fronts. Stable weather means good, quality fishing. Mid season locations, strategy and presentations will vary from spring patterns. You will find lake trout at 50-100 feet depths, but they group in higher concentrations on structures with fast breaks holding bait fish (cisco). Walleye and northern pike will occupy slightly deeper water and will move to shallow cover areas for feeding. All species will have good numbers. Mid season is the best time for large walleye.

Late season

September is the most picturesque time of the year and offers superior fishing. As water temperatures start to drop, a change in patterns is triggered. Large lake trout move to shallow water for pre-spawn and often require only bait-casting approaches. Moving to shallow water, northern pike and walleye generally become aggressive. Expect a lake trout bonanza in late September in 5-15 feet of water for fly-fishing or spin casting.

Common Catches:

  • 23-28 inch walleyes
  • 40-48 inch northern
  • 15-25 pound lake trout