About Us

In 2008, I purchased the resort. My love for the outdoors and desire to share this wonderful remote wilderness location with others is what motivated me to take this path in life. I am the father of my hunting and fishing buddy, Logan, who was born in that same year. We have enjoyed many memorable moments here at Wildewood.

I have been enjoying the outdoors since I was very young. I was taught values and ethics by my father and I participated in hunting and fishing with him and my older brother. I have hunted in many states, in the mountains for elk and mule deer, and on farm lands for pheasant and ducks.

Owner Matt Neufeld with Son, Logan.
Owner Matt Neufeld with Son, Logan.

I was raised in the northwoods of Wisconsin, this is where I learned to fish and hunt for whitetail deer. I went on fishing trips with my family to Canada many times each summer, starting at the age of 8. It all started with camping and eventually my parents purchased a remote fly-in cabin. I was in heaven there. My love for the remote wilderness of Canada made me dream of owning a resort someday. My wish was granted when I purchased this very special place on Lake Savant.

There are not many niches or undiscovered locations left in this world, and I felt like I had found one at Wildewood. I hope that you find the same peace and enjoyment that I have found at Wildewood.